Cell Phone Clip Hanger

Cell Phone Clip Hanger
Cell Phone Clip Hanger


Sleek Thin profile without bulk.
Smooth design does not cause discomfort, even when sitting.

Light Weight Durable plastic will not break.
Can help protect cell phone antenna.
ClipHanger does not scratch metal or paint.

Adaptable design can be attached to most small devices, and a variety of Mobile Devices like a cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, radio, etc.

Simple clasp enables quick "put on" and removal with a slip of the finger.

ClipHanger allows quick check of cell phone screen.

Adhesive disc will not come off until you want it to.
Compact ClipHanger can hang from the simplest yet most convenient places.

Cliphanger keeps your cell phone or mobile device handy for answering incoming calls or viewing other things.

Use Cliphanger's universal Auto Mounting hook to hang your mobile device anywhere
Use it with your hands-free device.

Our staff uses these and they think they are GREAT!
Easy to install and remove.
Great for Women and Men.
No more Hunting for your Cell Phone!

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